Selling Your Home To A Cash Buyer Rather than a Real Estate Agent!

Sell your home to a cash buyer

Selling Your Home To A Cash Buyer or normally is an emotional experience. Even if circumstances are not pushing you, the memories attached to it will make you think twice. Most of the homeowners go through a significant real estate transaction at least once in their life. Once we know things better, we can then answer a frequently asked question, “How to sell my home for cash?” Therefore, you need to be recognized which way to go when the time comes. Selling your home to a cash buyer could be the perfect way for you to sell your home fast and efficiently.

The practical approach to selling your home involves due diligence on your part. You need to make sure that the way of transaction you are going with is reliable. The process that you select needs to be efficient and high-paying.

Compare Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer Rather than a Real Estate Agent!

Here is a comparison between the two ways you can sell your house. The idea is to give you an insight into how these transactions work and which one suits you the most.

1. Sale Your Home Through a Realtor

This is the most common way used by homeowners to sell their house. It involves several parties that help the seller carry out a transaction. If you decide to go down this road, you will have to interview multiple agents and choose one with the most credibility and experience. It is good to ask for a referral from friends and family.

Once the agent is locked down through a contract, the next step is to ask for advice from them. They might suggest you stage your home so that things look appealing to the potential buyers.

The next step will be to hire a photographer and get some fantastic shots to help the agent with listing your house. The realtor will be making the price negotiations with the buyer, and you’ll be asked for final approval.

There are many financial downsides to going with this approach. The realtor will charge you their percentage based on the sale value. This will not take into account the money you spent on other related things. Similarly, the closing costs involved in the process are the highest.

Another drawback lingers if the buyer asks for financing from a bank. These banks send in an appraiser. The value estimated by them is often lower than your initial price, will force you into lowering the one you set initially or fall out from the contract.


Here’s a cost analysis to help you understand the financial aspects of this method.

Price Listed


Carrying costs( Mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities—6months)

6% $12,000

Commission( Buyer’s agent and Seller’s agent)

6% $12,000

Real Estate Transfer Tax

1% $2,000

Closing Cost Assistance (Average)

3% $6,000

Discount Given to Buyer(Average)

5% $10,000

Repair after Inspection and Appraisal (Average)

3% $6,000

Cash in Your Pocket


2. Selling Your Home To A Cash Buyer

When your house is to be sold, this approach reaps impressive benefits. All the sales involving cash buy-outs help you stay out of paying commissions and interviewing agents. Since there’s no agent involved and you don’t have to list it anywhere, you save costs of hiring photographers and paying of listings.

Most homeowners loath staging and renovations, cash buyers take the house as-is. This means that no de-cluttering, paint job or improvements are required.

When it comes to closing the deal, the buyer hires a reputable firm to take care of the paperwork for you. Moreover, the closing is done as per your schedule. This can be made within two weeks of agreeing on the price.

Similarly, you get instant cash-flow which can be used to finance your next home. Remember, as a homeowner, getting paid on the gross value will help you put up a solid down payment and build equity in your new home.

This way requires no appraisers or inspectors asking for changes. Also, you can shift in peace knowing that you can leave your unwanted items behind for the buyer to take care off. Cash buyers have a solid standing, and they have a team to help you understand the whole process.


The idea behind acquiring property on cash is to make changes and sell it for a higher price. For example, a house listed for $200,000 could sell $260,000 after repairs. Paying in cash instils leverage to the buyer, and the home is sold at a lower price than initially listed.

Here you need to understand that going with a cash buyer eliminates all the costs for you and you get to pay the 1% transfer tax and a small amount for paperwork. This marks a huge difference between the cash you’ll be giving up while working with a real estate agent. The rest is for the buyer to take care off. Here is a breakdown of what the buyer is paying for you to get the transaction done.

Benefits of Selling To A Cash Buyer

Now that we have looked at the monetary advantages of selling with a here buyer. If you are going through relocation, foreclosure, probate, or bankruptcy, selling a home through a real estate agent might get tough. Here are some additional benefits of selling your home with a cash buyer are:

1. Keep all the Money From the Sale

As we’ve discussed this in detail earlier, selling your home to a cash buyer will allow you to keep all the money from the deal. Through this approach, consider that all the closing fees and traditional expenditures are gone – since you are bypassing all the extra costs. This means that the money you receive for your home is yours for the taking.

2. No Need For Repairs

This route saves you a lot of repair costs. You don’t have to ask a property inspector to visit your home and suggest possible changes to please the sellers. This not only saves you money but also helps by keeping you away from home inspectors that make you spend money on unnecessary repairs. Forget deep cleaning, interior decorations, and applying coats of paint as a cash buyer doesn’t require you to do all that. They buy your home exactly as-is.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about the look of your house as the goal of buying from you is to repair and sell the place for a profit. They focus on the value of the property, not the looks. So, this method can save you a lot of time.

3. A Guaranteed Sale

Many traditional real estate deals are subjected to different factors. For instance, at times, the buyer still needs to qualify for a loan. Similarly, buyers often get cold feet in the middle of the transaction and leave without completing the deal. By working with a cash buyer, you don’t get to face these issues as once they make an offer their goal is to stick to their words and leave things on you to decide. Cash sales are also known to be quick and final as they close within 1 to 3 weeks. So, while working with a cash buyer, don’t worry for the deal falling through at the last minute or them having cold feet.

4. Sales Are Fast-Paced

The best thing about selling to a cash buyer is that the transactions are fast-paced. You don’t have to wait for a realtor to take a look at your home or host open houses now and then until someone serious shows up. Similarly, since no banks are required to approve of a loan, the speed of the process gets a significant push. Once you reach out to a cash buyer, you are likely to close the deal within 1 to 3 weeks. During this time, you’ll receive the entire amount in cash. People in emergencies go with this approach as they want a fast process. Those who are facing a family emergency, a divorce or any personal issues also prefer going with this approach.

5. Smooth Process

All it takes to get the ball rolling is a phone call!

Talking to the cash buyer over the phone will allow them to get an idea about your home and what it has to offer. They will then do their research by looking at the neighborhood, the property value of your and other people’s homes in your area.

Once this is done, the buyer will reach out and visit your home to see it personally. They’ll either place an offer on your home on the spot or give you an estimate of what they can provide you.

If you agree with their price, the sale will move forward. Depending upon the paperwork, you might end up selling your home within a week. The deal is made at an attorney’s office to make sure everyone is protected.