Selling Your Home With Owner Financing

Selling your home with owner financing. Owner Financing is a type of deal in real estate where the seller or homeowner offers the buyer a loan directly without the use of a mortgage company to purchase an estate. Also called Seller Financing, this method of property sales is quite convenient for both homeowners and buyers.

In processing the sales, a legally binding deal is brokered between the homeowner and the purchaser. In the agreement, an initial down payment amount is fixed alongside a payment plan spread conveniently over some time.

With no bank mortgage in the picture, owner financing offers buyers a more flexible option for purchasing a property. This gives individuals unable to access loans from the bank a shot at owning their own homes.

The primary concern for buyers in this type of deal is getting the best deal which allows them ample time to clear off the debt. And for sellers, it is getting the right buyer and drawing up a contract in their best interest. 

In all this, a logical approach to selling your property using owner financing is to employ the services of real estate attorneys or experienced real estate investors. Real estate companies can also be of value here. 

At Cash Home Investors, we have helped several clients cook up the best owner financing deals as a real estate investment company. For property owners willing to go this route, our team is committed to getting you your property’s worth with minimal stress.

Why You Should Consider Owner Financing

Let us consider a few benefits of selling your home with owner financing.

  1. You can sell “As Is”

Since a mortgage is not involved in this method of property sales, you can sell the property as it is without any major repairs. This helps save cost and time that would have been expended on the repairs. If you are selling your home “As Is”, buyers are still willing to buy because this poses as a negotiation power to them.

  1. Faster sales

Owner financing deals are not conventional and as such, attracts the attention of buyers more. Considering the relative ease for purchasing and a shorter time frame to fully possessing the property. Real estate investment companies also help in bringing buyers in contact with sellers for owner financing sales.

  1. Better rates

As a homeowner, selling your home with owner financing allows you to influence the price for selling your home better. After the property is evaluated, you get to decide what interest rates apply to the instalment payments spread over several months.

  1. Lump sum payment

When selling your home with owner financing, you broker a deal including down payment and a promissory note. Apart from the down payment, you can also sell the promissory note to real estate investors and get a lump sum for it. This means you get paid the selling price with the accrued interest all at once before the due date.

Selling Your Home With Owner Financing

Selling your home with owner financing is an easy way out for quickly laying off an owned property in exchange for a lump sum. Being able to table your offers to ready buyers makes this a great deal for homeowners, and a go-to option for buyers.