Gas Station/Convenience Store And RV Park On Lake Buchanan- Make a perfect Tiny Home Village- $575,000

Address11801 Ranch Rd 2341, Burnet, TX 78611

8×30 AMP RV hookups and 4x50amp RV hookups.     Sales Price $575kThe store’s sewer system is getting upgraded right now as well as we spent an additional $32,000 for the new sewer.  With the new sewer, it will be built with a new grease trap so that way the store could have fryers and then the new buyers could make it a grab and go restaurant as well.    

When the store was open full time prior to the last 6 months the store averaged 36,000 in gross sales with a 25% margin, over the last 6 months there was a new operator that leased the space, but they were only open two days a week, if the operator even showed up..  (we don’t have the full P&L as the store is currently rented to a 3rd party but speaking with the previous tenants they have been doing pretty good out there) 

The store could profit 9,000-20,000 if done right and the RV Park has never been marketed what-so-ever so a huge opportunity there as its right by the lake.  You cant even find it on google, If the operator was to push the RV park sales, or do short term rentals with tiny homes or RV’s this could be a MEGA cash cow…   The store profits didn’t include any revenue from the RV park when the previous tenants ran the store.   This store is in perfect view of lake Buchanan and is ¼ of a mile away from a boat ramp on the lake.      The RV spaces do have lake views as well.   This property could be amazing as a tiny home village!   Bring your tiny homes and rent them our for $120-$250 a night on short-term rentals or do the same thing with RV’s   All power and sewer hooks ups are all good to go…

We did get a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment as well and the Gas Station and RV Park passed with no environmental concerns.  The new owners could potentially buy all the stock, liquor permits, and business from the current tenants as well for an additional 40k.   That would need to be worked out depending on supply levels at the store and what inventory was available when sold, but all stock and permits would be done at cost..

Buyers to do own diligence

Property Sold AS IS

Agents Make Sure To Add In Your Commission