Cash Home Investors Is Hiring

The Opportunity

Cash Home Investors is looking to hire three talented and dynamic Real Estate Acquisitions Managers to add to our growing organization. These dedicated acquisitions managers need to be phone guerrillas that can hold amazing conversation with motivated sellers about selling their home. We have all the systems, infrastructure and leads in place now. We need highly qualified communicators to pound the phones and streets to allow our company to truly scale.

Cash Home investors have a focus on buying, holding, and selling real estate here in central Texas. Right now we are growing mainly on property acquisitions from San Antonio, to Austin, to Waco and beyond, basically we are focusing on about a 100 mile radius from Austin, but will be expanding into other major metros in Texas within 6 months. Our team of real estate investors acquire real estate to make a profit, and we are looking for high quality candidates to help track down off market real estate deals. Our company focus on real estate investment, cash buys, fix and flips, creative finance, and sales opportunities.

The dedicated self motivated Acquisitions Manager should want to put in as many hours in a week it takes to build a truly amazing career here at Cash Home Investors. We want to work with folks that know how to self motivate and are not afraid to get on the phones to make a 1000 dials a day. We are in a contact sport and are looking to find individuals to sell their homes to us. You bring the sales skills and we can help mold your skills into a great career path with an amazing company.

Our priority is real estate investments; From wholesale deals, buy and holds, creative finance, commercial deals, fix and flips, cash sales, subject to deals, short term rentals, and more. We want to aggressively add to our property portfolio and want to grow the company strong. We provide the tools, marketing, infrastructure, and leads to drive business to an astronomical level for the right candidate.

The Role
Initially you will be on the phones telemarketing, texting, and emailing leads to setup in person buy appointments for our closer. You will also be virtual wholesaling and making cash offers for peoples homes. You will then gather 14 pieces of critical information needed for an appointment, then you will setup an appointment for our Acquisition Manager to go out and secure the transaction.

Cash Home Investors will be developing the best performing candidate into an additional acquisitions manager once we know who the best sales folks are and who can handle making offers, valuate properties and ensure we are making solid purchase decisions.

The Market

We are going to one of the most opportune times to be in real estate ever seen since 2008, 2009, and 2010. This the best time you could ever make a transition into real estate investments, or to supplement your current real estate efforts. Our company is setup to be able to push the envelope in real estate acquisitions and we will ensure our employees are honored, respected, well compensated, and cared for.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $24,000.00 - $200,000.00 per year


If interested please send resume and cover letter to