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When looking to sell my Killeen home fast for cash,  simply start by entering your address and contact information, one of our experienced, local, real estate investors will reach out to help you sell my Killeen Home.

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We will provide you with an 100% risk free offer to sell my Killeen home fast.   You can decide if you want to sell fast for cash, or if you want you can simply pass on the offer.   The all cash offer is risk free and hassle free.

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Once you Accept the cash offer we will work with with a reputable local title company to complete the transaction.  You get your cash fast.   We work to close fast to ensure it is not a long drawn out process.

Its Time To Sell My Killeen Home Fast.  

Cash Home Investors will Sell Your Killeen Texas House Fast, no matter what the condition, year build, status, or potential needs, sell your home as is now. is headquartered in Killeen, Texas. We are a team of Killeen locals that have been helping our communities grow through real estate for a combined 45 years. We started this business as a family business and we focus on the Killeen community needs. When you need an honest cash investor to sell your home then that is where we specialize.

We Buy Homes in Killeen and the surrounding areas.   Simply give us your address, then setup an appointment, and then you will receive an all cash offer for your home if your property meets our criteria. If you like the offer then we move forward and you pick the closing date.

We have helped many people in Killeen with being able to get of their homes sold fast and for a good price.   If you are looking for a fast smooth transaction that we are confident we can help you.


Get a fair all cash offer on your killeen home now.


You will get a 100% Full Cash offer if you choose to sell your home to

You may think that only people facing foreclosure in Killeen would want to sell their homes for cash, but there are many instances where people may want to sell their homes for cash.   Here a few examples;

Foreclosure Avoidance In Killeen

Don't let a foreclosures ruin your credit, let us buy your home and pay your out before it is too late and the bank takes it.

Killeen Home Mortgage Payment Too High

Is your mortgage too expensive on the monthly?  Do you need monthly payment relief by selling?

Going Though A Divorce In Killeen

Sometimes relationships don't work and you may need to sell your home fast.   Let us help you get a fair offer now.

Inherited Properties In Killeen

Did you inherit a home or a property and want to sell it.  We will make you a cash offer within 24 hours.

Unwanted Properties In Killeen

Do you have a home or investment property you just no longer want to or can afford to manage?  We can help.

Just Need To Sell My Killeen Home

Just want to see your home in a quick easy manner?  We can make sure you get a great offer.



Cash Home Investors got me $40,000 more than any other offer i had on the place, and allowed me to sell my home fast, it closed in 13 days.   

Lisa Langley - Happy Home Seller

"I just love the way we were able to sell our home without paying a real estate agent a 6% commission. " 

John Schneider 

"We closed on our home is 13 days after we met with Cash Home Investors and got an amazing deal."  Our house was listed with an agent for 49 days before we decided to use you guys, them BAM, SOLD" 

Kelly Gumachi  

Why would you want to sell my Killeen home to instead of with a realtor?

  • Don't want the sale of your Killeen home to be a long drawn-out process.
  • You Despise the idea of having droves of people driving by and looking in your windows.
  • You don’t want to pay realtor commissions
  • Dread having to fix all repairs for your home if the home will not pass a conventional or FHA appraisal
  • Wont have to fix all of the Killeen building code and/or safety violations
  • Don’t have to do fix minor repairs, paint, drywall, etc.
  • Your house has already been on the market with no offers
  • You don’t like your nightmare tenants in your rental property
  • To invest in a business or another piece of real estate and need cash
  • May want the sale of your home to be discrete
  • You will have an offer on your Killeen home typically within 24 hours
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Sell Your Austin Home

We Are Local is headquartered is in Austin, Texas and is a team of Cash Home Investors looking to help people when they want to sell their Killeen Homes. We have over 30 years of real estate, banking and mortgage knowledge and can help you ensure you asset is well taken care of.  We buy properties in Killeen, Texas and love to work with our neighbors

We started this business to help families and individuals when they need to sell their Killeen Home.  Our team in Killeen, Texas will book appointments to view your home within 24 hours of inquire to make a full cash offer. We want to ensure you get the help you need in a timely manner. We want to ensure we are fast, efficient and get you a good fair offer for your home.

Our goal is to give Killeen homeowners the ability to sell their homes fast and securely. We want to help you sell your home fast so you can concentrate on what is important to you.   We will buy your home and allow you to have the cash you need. Selling your home can be a very stressful process let our expert local team here in Austin make you a cash offer on your home.

Sometimes we all just need a little help. Cash Home Investors is here to ensure we help our local Killeen families that need to sell their home.   We will work to get you a great offer on your home if it is a home that meets our criteria.

There are many things to consider when deciding when to sell your home let us help you take those concerns off your plate.

I just love the way we were able to sell our home without paying a real estate agent a 6% commission.  

John Schneider 

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