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What is your home really worth?  Check home values now!   

What is your home's value?   Ever wonder what you home would fetch on the open market or if you sold it to a cash investor?   

We will check you home's value and come up with a custom valuation report to give you a great idea of the value of your home.  We will check to see if we can also assist you with selling of your home if you decided you help in doing so.   Our valuation reports are completly free and if we do like your home we would also be prepared to make you an all cash offer, or reffer you to some amazing realtors as well.

We Buy Homes in Austin and the surrounding areas, as well as other areas across the country.



Cash Home Investors got me $40,000 more than any other offer i had on the place, and allowed me to sell my home fast, it closed in 13 days.   

Lisa Langley - Happy Home Seller

"I just love the way we were able to sell our home without paying a real estate agent a 6% commission. " 

John Schneider 

"We closed on our home is 13 days after we met with Cash Home Investors and got an amazing deal."  Our house was listed with an agent for 49 days before we decided to use you guys, them BAM, SOLD" 

Kelly Gumachi  

What Is Your Home Really Worth?  

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CashHomeInvestor.com is headquartered is in Austin, Texas and is a team of Cash Home Investors looking to help people when they want to sell their Austin Homes. We have over 43 years of real estate, banking and mortgage knowledge and can help you ensure you asset is well taken care of.

We started this business to help families and individuals when they need to sell their Austin Home.  Our team in Austin, Texas will book appointments to view your home within 24 hours of inquire to make a full cash offer. We want to ensure you get the help you need in a timely manner. We want to ensure we are fast, efficient and get you a good fair offer for your home.

Our goal is to give Austin homeowners the ability to sell their homes fast and securely. We want to help you sell your home fast so you can concentrate on what is important to you.   We will buy your home and allow you to have the cash you need. Selling your home can be a very stressful process let our expert local team here in Austin make you a cash offer on your home.

Sometimes we all just need a little help. Cash Home Investors is here to ensure we help our local Austin families that need to sell their home.   We will work to get you a great offer on your home if it is a home that meets our criteria.


There are many things to consider when deciding when to sell your home let us help you take those concerns off your plate.

I just love the way we were able to sell our home without paying a real estate agent a 6% commission.  

John Schneider 

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